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Friday, September 17, 2004

The Route

OK, people, so that everyone knows the score and can check back if and when required, I figured it would be best if I outlined the planned route of the Grand World Tour here and now. Of course circumstances may vary, but if all goes according to plan the route should take in 4 continents, 13 or so countries, and a smidge under 28000 miles. So here goes:
Firstly, on the 4th October I shall fly to Delhi. I arrive at Delhi airport at half past midnight and then have to wait for 5 hours or so for my travelling companion Trevor "El Nino" McClure to arrive. We'll hang around Delhi for a bit, then overland through Rajasthan and places to Mumbai. Then down to Goa, and then once again back up to Mumbai. We are planning on spending about 2 months in India all told.
The next stage on our travels is a flight from Mumbai to Bangkok. Our other travelling companion, Si Whitby, will be arriving in Bangkok on the 11th of December. After this we'll head in a big circle around South East Asia, taking in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, where no doubt Full Metal Jacket quotes will abound. Then it's back to Bangkok, ready for our next flight.
Said flight is from Bangkok to Sydney. Not sure whereabouts we're gonna be heading within Australia, but we plan to spend around 6 weeks or so there. Then we fly from Sydney to Auckland, for some time in World's Sheepiest Country, New Zealand. Again not too sure of the planned route within NZ, we'll just make it up as we get there I expect. Completing the South Pacific section of our journey is the next flight, from Auckland to Nadi, in Fiji.
Having bummed around in Fiji, we head on to the grand ol' US of A, flying direct to Los Angeles for a stay of a fortnight. We actually have no real wish to go to LA, but you need to go via there to get to Central America from Fiji, and if we're gonna stop there anyway we might as well see the place. But after a relatively short and expensive time there, we shall move on, flying to Guatemala City in, er, Guatemala.
Again, we don't really have a set itinerary for Central America. Of course by this stage it will all depend on how much money I have left, but after probably a couple of months I shall be returning to dear old blighty from Mexico City, no doubt lighter by several pounds and indeed by several thousand pounds, if you see what I mean...


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