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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Travelling without moving

Well, that's what much of the Indian bus 'service' is. I haven't posted in a while, what with one thing and another, so I'll try to quickly update where I've been.

From Udaipur we headed off on an overnight bus to Indore. We were travelling 'sleeper' class, which is an amusing, and I assume ironic, title. What it basically means is that the two of us got an overhead luggage rack about the size of a small single mattress to live and sleep in for the duration of a ten hour journey. Given that Trev gets travel sick and we were on what seem to be rutted farm track most of the way, and the fact that the windows in our box were not correctly fitting meaning a freezing draft most of the time, not a lot of sleeping was done.

We saw Indore at 6 the following morning, immediately getting on a bus and heading for Mandu. This is a tiny village (pop: 8,500 or so) which is notable for having been a large capital city of a mid-Indian muslim kingdom during the 14th-17th centuries. It was eventually splatted by the Mughals from Delhi, but there are still ruins, which are great. What wasn't great was the lack of fireworks for sale, with which to celebrate bonfire night, and the lack of basic hygiene in our room. Squat toilets and rats... nice. But there was an 'English wine shop', so gin and whisky could be bought and drunk.

Having finished with the sticks, we headed back to Indore, again via rattletrap deathbus. Safe as houses. Indore at first glance at a bleary eyed 6 in the morning had seemed like a hole. It's not too bad, but there's absolutely nowt to see or do here. We're leaving tonight, having spent last night watching an atrocious Tim Allen/Rene Russo film called 'Big Trouble' or something on telly. One to avoid. Next stop: Aurangabad. But we're getting there on an overnight bus... darn.


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