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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Luang Prabang and Happy New Year!

Actually, it'll be in the other order. Firstly, though, apologies if this is in huge type - that's how it appears on my screen and I can't seem to change it. Hopefully it won't appear like that on the finished blog.

Right, with that out the way, on to the next thing to get out of the way: wishing you, dear reader, a Happy New Year. May all your schemes come to fruition. Unless they contradict my schemes, of course...
I shall remain here in Luang Prabang for New Year's Eve. It'll be the third year in a row I've spent New Year's in a foreign country with Trev and Si, and the others have been legendary. So hopefully this one will be too. Anyway, don't expect to hear anything more from me until around the 2nd of January!

With that in mind, I will commence telling you all about Luang Prabang. Situated in North Thailand on the famous Mekong river of mentioned in my last post fame, it contains a Royal Palace. Well, a former Royal Palace. The King was unceremoniously booted out after the 1975 Revolution, you see. It's now a cack museum, but a nice building. It also features lots of great Buddhist temples, or "Wats" as they're known. Prompting surprisingly little "That was a good wat" - "what?" - "yes, wat" etc joking. So we're not completely awful human beings yet.

The main thing about Luang Prabang, though, is the lovely laid back ambience of the place. It's very easy to spend days here doing hardly anything, pottering about amongst the French Colonial architecture buildings, viewing the occasional Wat (don't do it!), sitting by the tropical rivers and eating noodle soup (on which after a few weeks in Southeast Asia I am now an expert - the trick to making it really great is to shove in every condiment they give you: chilli sauce, chilli paste, fish sauce, fish paste, soy sauce, sugar, sometimes more). It's grand. Though it isn't particularly exciting. Kind of like test match cricket - to those who don't get it, nothing really seems to be going on. To those who do, the fact that nothing is going on too quickly is the main beauty of the thing.

PS - Incidentally, if you don't like cricket, you could still like Luang Prabang...


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