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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Today we went to the other ancient Siamese capital, Sukhothai. Sukhothai is older than Ayuthaya, and was annexed by the latter in the middle of the sixteenth century, so after that their fortunes tend to run together (specifically they get sacked by the Burmese). All that remains of Sukhothai are a load of old ruins, which add up to another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To get to Sukhothai equied a long bus journey, all the more annoying as the previous day we'd had a boring seven and a half hour train journey fom Ayuthaya to Phitsanulok, where we're staying. The train wasn't an 'express', but an 'ordinary' this time, and the carriage resembled a hospital waiting room on the inside, with seating in the form of benches lined up against the wall, and not in the usual facing towards or away from the direction of travel. And tomorrow we've got a possibly even worse journey from Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai - our train leaves at 7.30am and gets in at 4.30pm.

Anyway, back to today. We hired bikes, and spent a lovely relaxing day peddling around the ruined temples and monasteries of an abandoned civilisation and suffering from our colds (it's December, so I've got a cold - the fact that it's hot here apparently matters not).

That's it for central Thailand - Chiang Mai is in the north. Boy am I not looking forwad to tomorrow...


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