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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Small World

Many regular readres of this blog will no doubt have begun to think in the last few weeks "It's OK and all, but of late it lacks the insanity we've come to love". Never fear, ladies and gentlemen, the bizarre makes a welcome return this time.

We were sitting on our guesthouse's lovely jetty lounge restaurant deal. Trev decided he'd go out and buy some water from the stall down the road. Nothing strange about that. He returned twenty mintues or so later looking like he'd seen a ghost.
"Guess who I've just seen?"
"A ghost?"
Needless to say, it wasn't actually a ghost [NB - dramatisation, this conversation may not have actually happened]. Out buying water from a stall in the middle of the street he'd looked up and thought "That bloke looks amusingly like our old maths mate who none of us have spoken to in some time Dan Reilly". This thought was rapidly replaced by "Bloody hell - it IS Dan Reilly". A man who was in the same class as us for a first year maths course, and here Trev was bumping in to him in the Cambodian capital, thousands of miles from Warwick. But it was to get more bizarre.
"Hi Trev," said Dan, "Come in to my house," and proceeded to take Trev on a mni-tour around the bar which he built, owns, runs and in which he sleeps. Bugger me.

So, when Trev returned saying he'd just bumped in to Dan Reilly and he owns a bar here in Phnom Penh, we were pretty stunned. We went round there later and spent a most enjoyable evening playing pool, watching the football and the rugby (in neither of which the team I was supporting won), before heading 0ut after closing to a party. We never actually got to the party, getting waylaid en route for one thing and another, eventually ending up in another bar that Dan's mate owned, then heading back again to Dan's bar. Eventually went home to bed at around 6 in the morning. Grand.

Since then we've spent a fairly bewildering couple of days hanging around the expat scene here in lakeside Phnom Penh, visiting a variety of bars, playing lots of pool and playstation 2, and drinking. We should be leaving for Siem Reap tomorrow...


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