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Friday, March 04, 2005

More Aussie Culture (Read: Sport)

Have been spending the last couple of days watching sport, for which of course Australia is justly world-renowned, seeing as how they're good at it. Not that they ever mention it, of course...

Yesterday we spent a day at the Melbourne Grand Prix. In celebration of the fact that this is the tenth year since Melbourne stole the Australian Grand Prix from Adelaide, this year Thursday was a special "People's Day", which meant it was free to get in. Which meant we bothered to go. Of course, since it was free, there wasn't much to see - qualifying and practice for Porsches and other quick cars mainly, which as my mate Trev pointed out, was basically like sitting next to a motorway for some hours. In direct blazing sun, mind you, so we got burnt. Ouch.

Still, there were other things to do, like... er... wander around the expo section, which was basically just a giant excuse for fit girls to shill corporate produce, and was thus a bit rubbish, and left a bitter taste in the mouth.

All in all though it was a reasonable way to spend a day, and was after all gratis so I can't really complain. And I did get to see the great sight of a Williams F1 car going flat out in a time-lag race with a BMW hatchback. The Williams gave the BMW a 75 second headstart and still won, it's speed on the final straight just astonishing in comparison with a standard car going flat out.

There haven't been many race car champs from Down Under, but today we saw a sport that the cork-hatted fools have had a lot more success at down the years: cricket. We strolled along to the MCG, a famous cricketing venue for anyone who doesn't know, paid about two quid, and watched a whole day of testmatch play between Australian states Victoria (where Melbourne is) and Queensland (the one with Brisbane in it). Amongst other things, we got to see World Record Test Wicket Taker Shane Warne bowling. The fat git. It was wonderfully sedate and relaxing, of course, and it didn't matter too much that at the crowd's height it numbered around 400 people sat around in the cavernous probably about 70,000 capacity MCG...

Tomorrow night we're off to Adelaide. Oh, and today is March 4th, which marks me having been away for five months.


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