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Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Zealand

I've arrived in New Zealand safe and sound, having spent a night in Sydney airport. And then a day in transit/in New Zealand where I basically just drank alcohol. We bought bottles of wine from duty free in Sydney, drank one of them at 8:30am between two of us (Trev couldn't really drink since he gets airsick), then continued drinking on the plane courtesy of free airline perks (mmm... vodka and orange - it's called a 'screwdriver' don'tchaknow). Then touched down in Auckland, and bought 2 litres of gin for 12 quid in duty free. Got to our hostel and drank the other bottle of wine. Then dinner, then gin, and then out to some pubs and a club. It was great - I felt like Hunter S. Thompson.

Since then I've been sober, and thus can judge New Zealand, or rather Auckland, rather better. And frankly, despite being the furthest away from good old Blighty that I will be during this trip, it's the least exotic city to which I've been. It's got a rubbish art gallery, some museums and stuff, a harbour that's quite nice, architecture reminiscent of Reading or Brum (minus the Bullring) or something, an extremely mixed population, race-wise, and apart from that it seems pretty much like any old English city. Which is all very well, but I've travelled half way around the world - I want coral beaches and cannibal tribes.

Watch this space - Fiji next week...


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