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Monday, March 07, 2005

A Soap Opera and Adelaide

So what do you do on your last day in Melbourne when it's intermittently sunny and pissing it down with rain? Travel for some time on a combination of suburban train and bus to an outlying suburb in order to stare in childish joy at some houses of course. To the casual observer they may have looked like any old suburban residences, but to me, they were part of Ramsay Street, inhabited by... actually it's so long since I've watched Neighbours that anyone could live there now, but the point was the same. I was well happy having been there.

After a bus journey leaving at half eight in the evening and arriving at half five in the morning South Australia time (half an hour earlier than Western Australia time), featuring a legend of a bus driver named Don and the film "Walking Tall" starring former WWF and People's Champion The Rock and containing a plot that could at best be described as 'improbable', we arrived in Adelaide.

So far it seems ok, though it's nowhere near as pleasant as Sydney or Melbourne. The town centre bit is a less-bad version of Worthing town centre, complete with scallies en masse. Yesterday, while waiting for the lights to change so we could cross the road, a teenage girl commented upn my 'I love Bognor' T-shirt. "I love boners?" she hypothesised, "Does your T-shirt say I love boners?" "Yes," I replied. "Why has it got a 'G' in it, then?" she commented, shrewdly spotting my error. "Obviously," I thought, "you're not familiar with the concept of irony". "Because I can't spell," I retorted. She thought that was hilarious. Fortunately the lights changed at that point...

Other than that we've been to an Art Gallery (free), the Government House (free), a Don Bradman exhibition (free) and the museum of South Australia (you get the pattern by now). And tonight we intend to buy a box of wine, having not drunk alcohol for a looong time. Today we went to the National Wine Centre (free) in the hope of getting some wine tasting (free) but no dice, unfortunately.


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