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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yet more Sport, plus some R'n'R

Today I have seen a load of disappointing sport. Firstly I got up at 6am to watch Arsenal limply belly-flop out of the Champions League against a vastly superior efficient Bayern Munich side. Then I spent the entire day watching the dull dull dull first day of the South Australia v Tasmania bottom-of-the-table Aussie state cricket test match. And it was dull. Though Michael Bevan did score 115, so it wasn't all bad.

Anyway, what I need after all that is some R'n'R. Nope, not rest and relaxation: Roo'n'Rice. Since our discovery a few days ago that it's the cheapest meat there is in the supermarket, Trev and I have been eating nought but minced Kangaroo and rice for dinner, with various sauces of course.

Off to Canberra, purpose-built Aussie capital city, tomorrow. Our bus leaves at 11am and gets in at 6am the following morning. Stupid massive country...


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