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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Great American Ballgame

Baseball. The Great American Sport. Tonight, I saw a game live - the San Francisco Giants against the Arizona Diamondbacks. And by God, it's dull.

For those who don't know, 9 innings per team. 3 outs per innings. Pitch after pitch after pitch, with almost every one of them being missed by the batter. Absolutely nothing happens. For hours. Then someone shanks a hit into the front row of the crowd, and that's the game won. Tell me - does anyone know of a worse sport (not including women's football)?

What amazed me most tonight was the crowd, however. They spent more time trying to get on TV with absurd antics and exhorting other fans to stand up and cheer than they did actually cheering themselves. They had two chants, both the same: "Let's go Giants", the only difference being the number of handclaps/footstamps between them. Perhaps because they're too stupid to recall anything more complicated.

Seriously, though, Americans are amazing to me. An entire people, apparently without the least trace of irony or self-consciousness. They couldn't be less like us Brits if they tried - where we thrive on introversion, they are extrovert in nature. I wonder how long I'd have to live here before I enjoyed the enormous portions sold, the absurd conversation and movements. And most of all, before I enjoyed the sports. Any of them.

Oh, how I miss football...


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