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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Live in Hollywood

Ladies and Gentlemen, this post comes to you live from an internet cafe on Hollywood Boulevard, home of the walk of fame, with all those stars' names on the floor!!

Though actually, the second thing I've learnt since getting here is that most of the names are of people I've never heard of in my life. I presume they're all old TV stars or something. IT's rather odd, anyway. Though not as odd as the fact that the only current film star I've seen written down there is Cuba Gooding Jr., or as odd as the L.Ron Hubbard army handing out things to try and get you to follow Cruise and Travolta down the Scientology path. It's the land of the weird, folks - last night a man walking up and down the intersection outside our hostel with a sign reading "George Bush won because Jesus is Lord" on one side, and "There is a war in Iraq because that is the will of God" on the other. And here's me thinking that the Good Lord had given us all free win to vote and war as we saw fit. Still, I'm no theologist...

The first thing I learnt about LA is that it's precisely what you'd expect it to be like. Having seen so many films and TV programs set here, it seems strange to me that it's actually real. I have difficulty accepting that the people I see are real, and not characters. Or extras.

On the plus side, the third thing I learnt was that the booze is cheap. Though not as cheap as it would at first appear. You see, when you buy something, it's more expensive than you'd have thought because they add on sales tax (presumably the equivalent of VAT) at the till. So if you think something costs two dollars, it'll actually cost slightly more, due to sales tax. This means you can't ever prepare exact change to pay with, because you don't actually know how much anything will cost. Great system. Still, at least sales tax is piffling compared with VAT.

Right, that's all for now - I've only been here just over twenty-four hours, and most of that time was spent sleeping off jet lag caused by a flight that left Fiji at eleven o'clock at night on the sixteenth of April, took ten hours, and arrived in Los Angeles at half past two in the afternoon of the sixteenth. Damn international dateline. The upshot is that I haven't got a lot to talk about, hence the preceding ramble having no focal point.

I'm off to look at more names on the pavement (or, as it's known here, "sidewalk").


Anonymous Shall said...

Oh deary me I'm SO behind on your blog. Come to that, I'm behind on life in general. Life in general sucks arse. Stupid degree.

May 3, 2005 at 7:25 AM  

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