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Thursday, May 12, 2005



I am now in Guatemala - you know, that country just south of Mexico. Spent the first couple of nights in the capital, Guatemala City, where the weapon of choice for shopfront security guards is a pump-action shotgun with a pistol grip and a large number of extra shells in the clip. That´s not the only gun you'll see, mind you - you can also glimpse big pistols and if you're lucky enough to walk past an army van like we did, you can even spot big kalashnikov type assault rifles. All good clean fun I'm sure.

We were staying in the posh suburbs, anyway, near the airport, so it wasn't too much of a worry except when we went in to town to look at the Parque Central (big central square thing) and its attendant civic buildings - the Palacio built by a former El Presidente and the Catedral. Nice and plush it all must have been too.

Now I'm in Antigua, a honk-crammed tourist town with cobbled streets and orange and yellow buildings. Needless to say Americans (as in those from the USA) love it. It is genuinely pleasant, mind you, resting as it does in the shadow of three big volcanos. All dormant, so don't worry.


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