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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lago Atitlan, El Salvador

Lago Atitlan is a huge lake in the highlands of Guatemala. It used to be a volcano cone, or an area where there were a series of volcano cones. However, in this part of the world, geography is frequently a series of cataclysmic events, rather than a series of samples of rocks with scientific names (like at home). In this case, the whole area collapsed in on itself a a result of some subterranean volcanic shenanigans, and the resulting crater (technically it's a caldera, apparently) filled up with water. Thus: Lago Atitlan.

Oh yeah - the water. Arrive in Panajachel (as we did) mid-afternoon in the wet season and it's not hard to realise where all the water comes from: the sky. It was absolutely bucketing down when we got there. The water was running down the roads to the lake in rivulets two inches deep on each side of the road. It does this every day, or every afternoon at least.

Still, that does affor the possibility of getting up earlyish (ugh) and getting a boat across the lake to one of the other villages. In our case, Santiago Atitlan. It's very picturesque and so forth, and there's a market, which is... well... to be honest, at this point I've realised that pretty much all markets in the world, no matter the affluence or political system of their parent country, are fairly alike in certain ways. Busy, mildly interesting, good if you want something specific and can be bothered to find it. But not actually that wonderful in themselves.

This realisation, combined witht he numerous faux-ethnic tat stalls en route to the market, and of course the rain, meant we didn't stay too long in Santiago Atitlan.

A few days later, and I'm now in Santa Ana in El Salvador. Tomorrow I shall ascend a volcano, about which I may write depending on whether I can be bothered or whether anything else happens. Hasta luego...

Oh yeah, one last thing. Watching penalties on the internet is no fun at all.


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