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Monday, June 06, 2005

Lago de Apoyo

Today I went to another volcanic crater lake, this one entitled el Lago de Apoyo. At 6km by 8km it's only little (by the standards of these things), but it's also extremely beautiful.

Bright green jungle foliage comes right down to the water's edge, locals wash their clothes and swim in the lake, howler monkeys bark and holler in the tress, kingfishers catch silvery squirming mouthfuls of food, and on one edge stands The Monkey Hut, a large wooden hut serving as accomodation (for those who want to stay here for a while) and base for tourists. Since we were only daytripping, we made the most of our time, meaning I've spent around four hours today floating in a large inner tube in the centre of calm, warm (volcanically heated) water listening and watching birds and animals in the sun. Wonderful.

I also spent some time crying with laughter at the antics of my mate Si, who attempted several times to go from lying in to standing on his inner tube, without success. The balancing issues were too tricky, but what his manoeuvres lacked in grace and succes they more than made up for through the repeated sight of a man overbalanced and falling head first in to the water yet again...


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