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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The Caribbean is the warmest sea in the world - it's official. Or at least it seems to me to be warmer than any other sea I've yet encountered on my travels. You know (girls look away now) when you walk in to the sea and get that shock factor when the cold water hits your crotch for the first time? Doesn't happen here - water's so warm that there's no shock. Fabulous.

So, here I am in Tela on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Not only is the sea marvellous, but everyone's fairly friendly and laid back and the place we're staying is great. We've got our own mini-apartment, featuring kitchen (complete with rubbish electric oven that gives very powerful shocks if you cook without wearing rubber gloves, but you can't have everything), cable TV (yay! rubbish american programmes! it's just like being at home!), hot shower, fridge and (holy of holies) air conditioning. Believe you me, a mop-haired white boy like myself badly needs aircon in these climes!

So it's the usual, beach bumming by day, un poquito de ron (a little bit of rum) by night. What a life...


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