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Monday, July 18, 2005

Mexico City part the fourth: More Lucha, The trouble with markets, and mopping up

Having done all of my planned day trips outside of the city, I shall be spending the rest of my time inside the boundaries of "el D.F.", mopping up museums, smaller ruins and churches and so on. None of which will make for very exciting posts on here, I'm afraid.

So instead I shall revert to a semi-regular theme (no doubt causing groans in some): live sport. On Friday night I went to see more Lucha Libre action, and witnessed a great three hour card at the large indoor Arena Mexico. is what I was there for, if you're interested. Anyway, suffice to say it was great - like watching the WWE live except with more absurd wrestlers and less pyro.

Oh, and finally, having spent an inordinate amount of time wandering around the numerous stalls and markets of Mexico City I have come to the conclusion that they are entirely useless to me. Super cheap bootleg DVDs and PS2 games can't be used at home due to stupid regional formatting, shoes come in US Size 10 at the biggest (which is UK size 9 and waaay too small), and clothes are all either horrible or terrible quality. A shame.

What really sticks in the craw, though, is that despite being in the country from which Kahlua, Mescal and Tequila originate, stupid import laws mean that I'm allowed only a single litre of spirits to take home with me. Such a waste...


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